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Spa Tourism Exchange and Forum, September 24-27, 2014, Baile Felix


The 10th edition of the Spa Tourism Forum and Forum takes place this year at Baile Felix between September 24-27.
This event is part of the list of top events in Romania and is watched with interest by the business community as well as by foreign specialists.


20th anniversary of OPTBR


In 2013 OPTBR celebrates 20 years since its establishment; to mark this event, a seminar was organized on the occasion of the Romexpo Tourism Fair, nov. 2014, an anniversary magazine was published, diplomas of fidelity were awarded to some old supporters of the sector.


Spa Tourism Exchange and Forum, Saturn, 4-7.9.2013


Between September 4-7 this year, the 11th edition of the Spa Tourism Forum and Forum took place on Saturn, in the Cleopatra **** complex.
The event was honored by the presence of Mrs. Maria Grapini, Minister Delegate for SMEs, Business and Tourism, Mr. Razvan Filipescu- president of the National Authority for Tourism, by the mayor of Mangalia, Mr. Radu Cristian as well as the presidents of the main tourism associations FPTR, ANAT, ANTREC, FAPT, etc.


Special offers campaign spring 2014


The spring 2014 special offers campaign has been extended until June 30, for the following programs:
A Week of recovery in spas (two options, with breakfast or half board),
Spa Decade , Come to the baths! and Spa Wellness.


OPTBR elections - June 2013


Last week, in Tusnad, within the new O3zone complex, the general assembly of elections for a new Board of Directors of OPTBR for the period 2013-2017 took place.
Thanks were sent to the team that ended its term for the way it represented the Organization and the spa tourism.


International Conference under the auspices of the UNWTO in Bucharest


On July 3, an international conference for environmental, cultural and health tourism was held at the Palace of Parliament; during the conference were presented presentations on the opportunities and perspectives of medical and spa tourism in Romania


Spa Tourism Forum and Forum, Slanic Moldova, Oct.2012


The 2012 edition of the Scholarship and Spa Tourism Forum took place in Slanic Moldova, in a special setting; the good weather allowed the participants visits to the resort and the knowledge of the tourist objectives; at the end of the action, the Tg Salt Mine was visited. Ocna


Conference on health tourism, Bucharest


Between September 20-22, 2012, the first international conference dedicated to health tourism took place in Bucharest, at the Palace of the Parliament; specialists and decision makers from the country and abroad participated (Germany, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria); Nicur Radulescu, President of OPTBR, presented the main concerns of the Organization for the development of the spa tourism segment and proposed the realization of partnerships with associations from other countries, for the realization of experience exchanges.


Spa Tourism Exchange and Forum, Baile Herculane, 2011


The 6th edition of the Spa Tourism Forum and Forum, September 21-24, took place at Baile Herculane, an event included in the calendar of events of the World Tourism Organization and the European Association of Spas


ESPA Congress in Romania, May 2010


Romania hosted on May 4-7, 2010 at Baile Felix, International **** hotel. the 15th edition of the ESPA Annual Congress.
The event was attended by about 70 specialists from all over Europe as well as numerous Romanian participants.
The ESPA Annual Congress took place on May 4-7, 2010 at Baile Felix, International Hotel ****.
Renowned spa specialists, doctors, officials from ESPA member countries, tourism workers, the press, etc. participated.
May was marked by important events;
- the meeting of the board of directors took place, which debated the situation of the opening of the season and the capitalization of the capacity and proposed actions for a better visualization of the offers
- a delegation of OPTBR participated in the proceedings of the annual ESPA Congress, Bristonas, Lithuania, during which the activity carried out in the last year was presented and the proposed actions for 2009 were approved.


Election of the new OPTBR Leadership, June 2009


JUNE - OPTBR General Assembly, Ocna Sibiului
election of the new Board of Directors for a term of 4 years, 2009-2013


ESPA Congress, Yverdon les Bains, Elvetia - May 6 - 9, 2008


During the above-mentioned period, the 13th Congress of the European Association of Spa Resorts took place, on the occasion of which a series of papers were presented on important aspects of the spa sector in different European countries.


About us

The Employers' Organization of Spa Tourism <- was founded in 1993, at the initiative of 19 representatives from the main spas, supporters of spa tourism, in order to represent the spa sector in relation to the authorities, various institutions and other associations, internally and externally >

Founding members :: Baile Herculane, Baile Felix, Baile Govora, Calimanesti-Caciulata, Sangeorz Bai, Vatra Dornei, Mangalia, Sovata, Lacu Sarat, Slanic-Moldova, Buzias, etc.

Currently, OPTBR has 62 members , representing almost all spas. The current president in the period 2013-2017 is Mr. Nicu Radulescu, elected for the third term,.

OPTBR objectives - selection:

- representing, supporting and defending the interests of members in relation to public authorities, trade unions and promoting a favorable image for the spa tourism sector

- promoting relations with other associative, employer, professional structures, in order to create a climate of fair competition

- representing its members in international organizations and providing useful information for the development of activity and investments in the field

- creating public-private partnerships on attracting structural funds for the development of spas

- improving the business environment in the field of spa tourism by promoting legislative initiatives designed to encourage investments in this field.


- realization of development and protection programs of the national balneoclimateric patrimony

- organizing courses and collaborating in the formation of highly qualified staff and / or professional and managerial improvement for the field of spa tourism

- carrying out or collaborating in conducting marketing studies and research, programs, projects

- domestic and international promotion of the spa patrimony

An important success for the Organization is the project with European funding, worth 5 million Euros, designed to increase the quality of services "Qualification in spa tourism - a chance for the future", which took place between July 2010 - June 2013 and which facilitated qualification of about 2200 people in occupations in the spa sector (13 different occupations), out of the 4000 counselors, throughout the country. The project was nominated twice among the top 10 European projects for the way it was carried out and for its results.

The main actions carried out

- -The Stock Exchange and the Spa Tourism Forum is the most important event in the sector; it is organized annually, itinerant, in different resorts; the last edition took place at Saturn, September 5-8, 2013;

-, The event is included in the official calendar of events of the World Tourism Organization and the European Association of Spas -ESPA The event enjoys the annual presence of numerous tourism companies, specialists from the country and abroad, etc. The forum creates the possibility of contacts and exchange of experience, the transmission of new information by specialists from the country and from abroad, within OMT and ESPA. - organizing the annual ESPA Congress in Baile Felix, May 2010 with a large international participation; - collaboration at the organization of the Calypso meeting, Baile Felix, May 2010 - signing of the collaboration protocol with the National Institute of Balneology,

-Participation with own stand at various domestic and international exhibitions;

-Annual participation in the exhibition organized under the auspices of ESPA -Thermatalia-, from Ourense, Spain>

-Completing together with the Association of Spas in Hungary, based on the collaboration of the Joint Tourism Commission, a seminar on the offer of Wellness & Spa (September)

-Organizing and launching annually, in spring and autumn, special offer campaigns containing 4 programs: A week of recovery in spas Spa Decade, Come to the bathrooms! and Spa Wellness, with rates accessible to different categories of customers,

-Organizing joint promotion actions, within the cross-border collaboration, In the mirror between the resorts: Baile Felix - Gyula, Buzias - Szavras, Moneasa, Gyoparno Furdo

-Hosting the meeting of the Board of the European Association of Spas with the participation of the presidents of the national associations from 14 ESPA member countries, Hotel International ****, 2010, Baile Felix.

- re-election in May 2012 of Mr. Nicu Radulescu, President of OPTBR, as ESPA Vice President, for the period 2012-2016

-Recognition of the quality of the infrastructure and services offered by the International Hotel, Baile Felix, by awarding the Europe SpaMed certificate and logo (September 2007)

- Organizing together with the European Association of Spa Resorts - ESPA, at Baile Felix and Baile Herculane, seminars on "European trends in spa tourism" with the participation of renowned foreign experts 2014 - the award of the Association of Journalists and Writers of Tourism in Romania for the 20th anniversary of the association <2007 -

- Awarding the Organization within the Romanian Tourism Gala for joining ESPA

- signing of a collaboration protocol with the Hungarian Spas Association - 2006, March, Buzias

- Annual presence with its own stand, at specialized exhibition events, in the country and abroad

- Organizing seminars on spa tourism with the participation of WTO and ESPA experts and the company that developed the National Spa Tourism Strategy

- the award - The event of the year 2006 - granted by the Associations of Romanian Tourism Journalists for the organization of the Scholarship and Spa Tourism Forum from B. Felix- - 2006 - OPTBR becomes a member of the European Association of Spa Resorts, ESPA

Organization structure

The activity of the organization is led by a Board of Directors, consisting of 7 members: president, 1 first vice president, 5 vice presidents

Since June 2006, 4 specialized commissions have been created, headed by a commission chairman and 8 regional commissions, made up of the structure of regional development agencies.

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Mr. Nicu Radulescu.
- First Vice-President: Mr. Mihai Handolescu- SC Govora SA,
- Vice - presidents: - Janos Fulop SC Balneoclimaterica Sovata - - Mr. Teodor Morar SC Gastrotur Hotel Parc -Moneasa - Mr. Verginel Marinescu SC Turism Pucioasa SA - Mr. Ioan Munteanu - - SC Eurovacanta, Slanic Moldova SRL

The professional commissions are:

  • Medical Commission

president: Mrs. Dr. Calina Veselu-Nicolescu, SC Unita L. Sarat

  • Quality Commission

president: mr. Sorin Munteanu , SCTratament Balnear Buzias

  • Marketing-promotion commission:

President: Mr. Florin Bazavan, SC Bacolux, Hotel Afrodita-B.Herculane> Legal Commission:

president: mr. Verginel Marinescu , SC Turism Pucioasa

The regional commissions are:

  • Region 1- North-East

president: mr. Daniel Pasat , SC Gimil-Vatra Dornei

  • Region 2 - South-East

president: mr. Sorin Bosneag , SC Traian-Braila

  • Region 3 - South-Muntenia

President: Mr. Cristian Ionescu , SC Amara

  • Region 4 - South-West Oltenia

president: mr. Mihai Handolescu , SC Govora

  • Region 5 - West / Banat

president: mr. Sorin Munteanu, SCTurism Balnear Buzias

  • Region 6 - North West / North Transylvania

president: mr. Florian Serac , SC Turism Felix, Baile Felix

  • Region 7 - Central Transylvania

president: Mrs. Daniela Tibeica , SC Aro Palace Brasov

  • Region 8 - Bucharest-Ilfov

president: Mrs. Rodica Georgeta Pencea , OPTBR.

OPTBR headquarters

is in Bucharest, , tel / fax:, e-mail:, web: .

Secretary General of the OPTBR: Mrs. Rodica Georgeta Pencea

The Employers' Organization of the Spa Tourism of Romania is a member of:

- European Association of Spas (ESPA)

- Federation of Romanian Tourism Employers (FPTR)

- International Society of Hydrothermal Technology - Romania Section (SITH-SR)